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Blackpool North Pier 0 Manchester Arena 15

So yes! Quite a week! On the downside I've had to cancel the Blackpool North Pier date for May next year but on the upside the two nights for Phoenix Nights at the Manchester Arena has escalated to 15 ! So thats my Tenerife winter break at Apartments Anuz Sol up the duff. Very giddy at bringing back Jerry "The St" Sinclair and meeting up with all the gang ; we did get together briefly for the photoshoot and the years just rolled away. It was as if we'd never stopped working at the Phoenix.

Can't say too much about the content but as Peter is producing and directing I can guarantee you that it will be as good as it possibly can be with quite a few surprises along the way.

I've just re-watched "In the Club" from our first series together "That Peter Kay Thing" and I actually laughed out loud which must be wrong mustn't it ? I did comment that I looked significantly younger before reminding myself that it was around 15 years ago!

Great response from the public - 15 nights at 14,000 audience a night so thank you so much for your support and lovely messages about the Phoenix and huge thanks from the cast and Comic Relief  for shelling out for expensive tickets in this time of recession.

Be Happy


Dave Spikey